Jan 11, 2011

Free Time

PAUSE my Music Player first.

It's always interesting for me to see what my kids choose to do with their FREE time. More and more, I am realizing that I MUST surround them w/tools...NOT CURRICULUM. Tools to explore their world & cultivate their interests. Musical instruments...cooking supplies, canvases...paints...Legos...sewing machines...computers...cameras...fabric...yarn...balls, jump ropes, skateboards, snowboards etc.

I've only been at this home-educating thing for 11 years. It's about time I catch on.

Still holding out on the furry pets. It's what will speak to one particular child...I know.

It's a stronghold that I KNOW must go.


Kim Thompson said...

Yes, you need a furry pet! :)

Raising Family said...

Read my most recent post, you may change your mind on the furry pet LOL!!!