Jan 24, 2011

So Zion has a diagnosis. Complex migraines. That's ALL!!!!!! We are over the moon with joy.

It's a bummer that she may have an ongoing battle w/migraines...but we are breathing a sigh of relief today. Goodness!!!!!! The places our minds are capable of wandering to while waiting for answers.

The poor thing. Yesterday morning she ran face first smack into a pole while playing tag at church.....

.....and last night...she seemed like she was suffering from some major allergies but today it looks more like a bad cold. We're at the library waiting for the girls to finish up with their math tutor and she's out cold.


Seven's Heaven said...

stress for a little person=sleep

So grateful for the diagnosis too. Much prayer has preceded this day.

JM said...

I am so glad Zion is okay! I must have seen her on Sunday before she hit the pole...poor thing.

Mrs. Spice (Holly) said...

So glad her diagnosis is not...what it could have been. God is good. All.The.Time.