Jan 23, 2011

There is much too much to discuss in detail......re: the is past week.


Zion had another seizure and an er visit. MRI lasted a loooooooong 45 LOUD minutes. All seems clear.

I almost choked to death on roasted cauliflower. SERIOUSLY. Girlie called 911. Brad did the Heimlich.

Girlie has reacted to the drama in a very overt way w/ a week long spiral. Mom is especially traumatized.

My bones are aching. My heart is racing. My dreams are horrible.

Boys are in LA. Mcabe booked a shoot and Braverijah is his trustworthy chaperon.

Phoenix Children's' Hospital tomorrow to see the neurologist.

And.......this Piper video has me thinking very hard about life.


Ginger said...

praying for you guys

Andy and Kiara said...

Oh, Dawn! So sorry. Praying.

Mrs. Spice (Holly) said...

Lifting you all up in prayer.

simple living said...

praying! praying!