Mar 26, 2010

Into The Wild

I really loved this film even though it made me really sad.

Three standout heartbreaking moments...when Hal Holbrook sheds that one tear...when William Hurt walks the driveway and crumbles to the pavement...and when Emile Hirsch reconciles in his heart & mind...but finds no way home.


Mrs. Spice said...

Okay, this movie and I have a strange relationship. I will explain in person one day. I love all your stand outs. If I could choose a grandfather for myself...it would be Hal Holbrook. Bill Hurt...loved him since The Doctor (1991)...when I really thought I was going to be a doctor. :-)

Emile, Emile, Emile. As an actor...he is why I chose the profession I did. I hope he never lets "Hollywood" eat him up.