May 5, 2008

God' Girls

Here's the thing I love most about this dance troop...the weekly prayer and consistent ushering of little hearts to the feet of Jesus that takes place. After our second year with Miss Janna, I can truly say....my girls are so blessed by and have grown so.... under her Christ-like mentorship.

Lord, for the girls who do not yet have a saving faith in You...I pray that salvation would come quickly...and in a discernable manner...through the fruit of repentance. For those who do....please deepen and strengthen their walks. May You be glorified by the lives of these little ones.


Susan G said...

way to go girls! THat is so neat! I love that you do that!!!

We are so glad you had fun!

Seven's Heaven said...

I wept when I saw them worshiping last night. They so enjoyed it and I'm stealing your photo for my blog because Alex hasn't given me hers yet. It is a blessing they have this!

emma claire said...

It was fun!

familygregg said...

I just love seeing you up there with your great big beautiful smile, Emma.

Mrs. Gregg

Anonymous said...

you go girls! i wish i was still dancing with you!!!!