Apr 5, 2007


Thank you Bradley, Bria, Mcabe, Galilee, Jemima, Zion , Papa and Nana...for making my birthday celebration at Guiseppi's special...and for loving me day in and day out...even when I'm unlovable.

Thank you Sheena, for baking me a "late night" cake. You are a sweetheart and I am greatly blessed by you.

Thank you Jana, Cate and kids (Tim and Sean too) for a great lunch. I adore our friendships. And the Allison Krauss tickets....more than perfect!

Thank you, my dear brother, for your heart...always a cherished gift.

And it was so nice sharing a birthday party with you Paige. Thank you Deb and kids for the thoughtful, thoughtful gift. I love it and you.


Ginger said...

Happy Birthday Dawn! Did I read that you are 40! No way! you are one hot mama. Guisippes (sp) is one of my favorite restaurants.

family gregg said...

thanks ginger. it's true....they've got the best balls in town:)