Apr 17, 2007

Movie Review by Galilee

MISS POTTER is a movie about Beatrix, her illustrations and her writing. She lived in England during the olden days, a time when there were no cars and when the clothing looked antique. She was a creative person who is famous for drawing Peter Rabbit. Beatrix was a happy woman who had courage. She reminds me of Jo March from LITTLE WOMEN. They were similar sorts of girls because they both had passion. Beatrix reminds me of my mom also.... because she is a passionate writer too. I recommend this movie for all ages because my mom is 40 and she liked it...I'm 11 and I liked it...and my little sis, Zion liked it and she's 3. I also recommend this movie because Beatrix is thoughtful and intelligent.


family gregg said...

i love you. great insight as to how many will enjoy this story.

Mom of Five said...

We love Beatrix Potter stories so much that we named our daughter Emma Beatrix and you dance with her. I love your review Galilee. Mrs. Tuten

Debbie and Co. said...

Galilee, your review is wonderful and I love the way you compare Beatrix to Jo and your mom. I was not only amazed at her passion for art and story telling, but also for her passion for nature and generousity with her wealth to preserve it. She was a very different and amaszing woman with a very interesting story! Thank you for your review. We loved the movie too!!!!!!

Debbie and Co. said...

I meant "amazing!!!" I'm not wearing my glasses!