Apr 15, 2007

Little Moments Like This One

Here's an example of why I know the Lord has called us to be at home...living life intimately...in close proximity and multi-generationaly. Zion is in the bath and I am puttering around the room, humming. In all seriousness...she looks up at me and says in a worried way..."Is everything o.k., Mom?" I glance over...thinking what on earth could she be thinking...and I say... "Yes. Why?" "You were humming"...comes her matter-of-fact response. "AHHHH....I was humming"... I nod. "Yeah, in the book Sounder... the Mom hummed when she was worried"...Zion reminds me..."remember?" "You're right. She did hum when she was worried but your Mommy is not worried." Satisfied that I'm alright, she continues playing in the tub with her bath toys and I continue to putter. If she's "picking up on" things like this...think of what else she could be "picking up on." It's an awesome thought...frightening, humbling, exciting, and encouraging...all at once.