Apr 1, 2007

Holy Matrimony

Lord, as I reflect on this past week-end's wedding ceremony, I come to you in prayer. I lift up our marriage to you, Lord... and all the marriages near and dear to us. I ask that you strengthen them...that you show the men where they are not loving their wives and show the women how they are not respecting their husbands. I ask that each man and each woman would model for their children and the watching world...the Biblical roles You have ordained for them. I ask that you remove past hurts and future fears. I ask that you minister to us through the Holy Spirit...that you bring conviction...uproot sin and deliver new power. I ask that each couple would turn towards you first...then turn towards each other. Lord, a special blessing on B.J. and Sam as they begin their life together... united in you...as one.


Ginger said...

thank you so much for your kind words to Sam and B.J. We are so thankful for your generosity. We are so happy that you are a part of our lives. I am so glad that you and Brad and the boys were able to share in such a special moment in our family's life.