Apr 1, 2014

funny, Boys

So I know I've bragged on our fabulous neighbor before..."Thomas this...Thomas that."

It seriously makes me wanna cry at how the Lord has protected our relationships...even though we have this glaring elephant in the room difference of thought in regards to one particular sore thumb issue that would be an enormous insurmountable wall to some. 

For instance...he and Allan have a giant rainbow palm tree in their back yard.

And Brad and I fly a Gadsden flag in our front yard.

He is seriously the best though.  Thomas is.   I get these messages from time to time about contests for faith based screenplay competitions.  Once, he pointed us to a seminar for Actors for Christ...or something like that.  Totally not us...but it's so cute that he tried. 

He saw my post over on fb...trying to get in front of Candace Cameron Bure and I get this in my inbox...

...then...and this has nothing to do with him trying to find us work...but it's cute so I'm including it...

I get a call to come over and takes photos of his blooming garden.
While there...Allan comes out and asks...

"Are you here to take photos of my latest project?"

"No.  The flowers.  But what's your latest project????  I wanna see."

Allan opens the garage revealing the man cave/storage area/crafting space...and he shows me a beautiful quilt that he's just finished.

As I am admiring the colors...I ask if they have any signifigance?  What's the story with the colors??????  Purple, yellow, and green....

Thomas goes on to explain how it's an "Abortion Quilt."  You know...all about abortion.

I'm thinking..."Abortion Quilt?"  Purple...yellow...green?????  I don't get it???  Huh?  What does it mean????? 

They start laughing.

At me.

It's not an "Abortion Quilt" at all.  The colors don't mean anything.  They are just pretty.

HA HA funny, Boys.   Real funny.  Trying to get me all worked up and hot & bothered. 

That's what I like about these two...we laugh.  Often.  But we also share deep, pain filled, sorrowful sighs.  Cuz sometimes life is very difficult and times are sad.  

Then...Thomas is back to the job hunt on our behalf...