Apr 6, 2014

Creativity Heals

So we attended a fantastic event last night.  It was a fundraiser held at Lab Art for Creativity Heals

I am totally in love with and inspired by  Wrdsmth's work.  There was this one piece being auctioned off that especially caught my eye.

I wanted it.


So did this other guy.

He and I circled the room...eyeing the bidding table...stealthily upping the ante over the course of an hour....until things went absolutely CRAZY in the last 60 seconds!!!!  It was full on warfare.

I was victorious.

This bench was being auctioned off as well.   I couldn't agree with the message more than I do...so I just had to leave a little love note for it's new owner.


My favorite shot of the nite...

by Kai.