Mar 25, 2014

Ram Brave

When you are holding your breath waiting for the Lord's will to be done...for months and months alongside your friends.

We are humans...so of course we are tempted to hold our breath...to stop breathing while we wait for our GOOD and RIGHTEOUS and COMPASSIONATE and TRUSTWORTHY Lord to answer with a "yes" or a "no"  or a "not yet"  in His perfect timing.

When in the last 72 hours you are eating like a pig while holding your breath.  And you countdown...hour by hour.

What an honor to live life with others.  What an enormous blessing.  To share in sorrows and to share in joys.  To share in disappointments & failures and to share in victories.  To strive alongside one another towards a common goal.  To wait patiently alongside one another for answers...for comfort...for healing.  I do not think life would be worth living if it were not for living life in this way. 

We are all celebrating the birth of a baby boy over here today.  His name is Ram Brave and his arrival has been MUCH anticipated and  MUCH prayed over.

Because of all of our yelping and hollaring and celebratory dancing...our neighbors showed up...knocking at our door last night...excited themselves for the good news.  The look of anticipation on their faces as they stood on the porch...

Is it a job?  Did Brad book an acting gig?  Cedars?  

It's so what they were thinking.  I love that they ran over here and needed to hear in person.

We got to tell them that the baby is Jeni and Neal's.  He is Ram Brave.  It's official.

SUCH better news.  By far.

What a joy to share in  a baby being added to the circle of fellowship and then to know that others are rushing over to share in your joy...even if it's not the joy they anticipated.  Then them sharing in the actual joy.

Living life togehter.

This morning we got the best wake-up call.