Apr 19, 2014

Detective Bradley

We have a very encouraging neighbor.  He is also always willing to help in any way he can whenever a need arises. 

This week he got to encourage and help.

Brad had the opportunity to audition for a film.  His role... a detective. 

Bryan...our neighbor has ties to the LAPD so he got on the phone w/some officer over at some desk somewhere and helped Brad figure out the correct way to say some internal code.

And with the dialogue issue settled...he wanted Brad to "feel" the experience of being a cop...so he ran home to get something.  He came back with his bullet proof vest...which he made Brad put on.  

Brad and I filmed the audition scenes and his agent sent them off to be looked at by casting & the director etc.

In his youth...Brad booked lots of tough guy roles. 

Nowadays...I think he'd make a pretty good detective

We were on our way out the next day...when Bryan ran over to see how the audition taping went.

So encouraging.  And hopeful.