Apr 16, 2014

Third Tuesdays

SO this is Clint.  Clint played Mcabe's dad on an episode of Enlisted. 

Mcabe and he really clicked and Mcabe's been telling Brad that they should really meet up for coffee.

After a few months...and just the other day...Bradley called Clint and they got together.

During their meeting...Clint kept saying things that ended with..."It all depends on your belief system."  "The most important thing is the belief system... As long as you have a good belief system." 

So because Bradley is Bradley...after like the third time of this belief system thing coming up...Brad says..."Well, let me ask you a question, Clint.  What is your belief system?"

 Clint doesn't bat an eye.  "Jesus Christ.  I'm a Christian."

Brad is blown away...and yells, "Brother!"

On set...Clint had picked up on something different about Mcabe and Mcabe had picked up on something different about Clint...and that led to Brad being brought in which led to me being brought in.

Clint invited us to a monthly event ministering to Christians in the entertainment industry.

Guess where it's held.

The Writer's Guild.

Last night Brad and I sat with our new friend and worshipped Jesus during a time of fellowship...praise & worship...and teaching.

When Crystal Lewis started to sing...All my Tears...I began to cry.

And I continued to cry.

My favorite song.  

This all happened smack in the middle of Beverly Hills...where I grew up.  Off of Wilshire...in the Writer's Guild building.