Mar 3, 2014

The Little Prince

This precious child cried herself to sleep last night.  Belly cried into her pillow.

"Why did the snake bite the Little Prince?"  

"Why is he so evil?"

 "I'm so sad."

"Why did the Little Prince follow the snake"'

"Why did the Little Prince let the snake bite him?"

"Why did he even go near him?"

"Why did he even talk to the snake?  We're not supposed to talk directly to Satan!"

High discernment and excellent communication skills.  This kid.  She breaks my heart and gives it hope all at the same time.  

Things we need to talk about today:

The Little Prince was perceptive. He had insight and special knowledge.  He saw the elephant in the hat. He saw through the adults and their strange ideas.  He was wise.  He led the pilot to life giving water.  He was a caregiver.  He was innocent.  He chose to be bitten.  He sacrificed himself.  He lived on. 

Also though....

Was the author a believer?  Did Antoine De Saint-Exupery intend this story to be a Christian allegory?   Can it be read that way?  

Or is it to be viewed through a humanistic mindset.

Well, who knows???????

The story has obviously touched many people over many years and seems to perplex them all on some level.  

Man oh man...when you are the parents of a child who asks a lot of really good questions and feels things very deeply.  It is an honor to help her navigate life.  It is humbling.