Mar 19, 2014

Redeeming Love / Chapters 23-27

Okay...so....life sometimes happens in the middle of all we are trying to accomplish on a day to day basis....and our plans for this or that must take a backseat.

Hence the recent silence in regards to the Book Club.

Sorry.  Back on track.

A few thoughts....

This story has really touched Galilee.  Like really.  I love that!

Like really love it. 

Jemima has a good question...If the Lord warns us against being unequally yoked...why did He tell Michael Hosea to marry Angel?  We would love to hear your thoughts.

Mama had worked to keep Alex Stafford's love alive.  Angel wondered now if it hadn't been those very efforts that served to drive him away.  Mama had been so hungry for his love. 

1.  Scripture tells us that the Lord is jealous for us.  Have you ever been the object of someone's focus...so much so that you feel as if they are placing you before the Lord?  If so...describe some of what that made you feel.

Have you ever put someone on the throne of your heart?

How could she, of all the women, be so loved by a man like this?  Oh God, if you are there listening, why did you do this to him? 

2.  Have you ever felt so low about yourself that you have wondered why the Lord is putting others through the ordeal of sticking by you? 

Angel only saw Michael and worshiped him. 

* Thought on this...too much pressure.  No human can stand being worshiped.  Maybe for a while they can...but ultimately being on the throne will cause disdain.  No?  Even when people appear to enjoy being worshiped...do you think they really do?

3.  Michael and Miriam!!!!!  I do not remember it ever occurring to me that the way they interact  is dangerously inappropriate.    Whoa!  Private walks together and Angel is not brought in on what's being discussed!!!!  Discuss.

Read Chapters 28-32  March 28th