Mar 16, 2014

Gabba Gallery

So....since we've got a budding street artist in our home....Bradley and I decided to spend our Date Nite at.....

The Gabba Gallery. 

First thing we thought?  How cool is it that the gallery chose to support a local church by acquiring their lot for the evening?

Right when you walked in...in the first room was the piece by Plastic Jesus we've all heard so much about.

Thrashbird told Bradley that he and Teacher love our son's work and that when they were out and about one night putting up a piece they saw one of his that needed a fix.  They were gonna stop to do it but ran out of paste. 

Thrashbird is extremely nice.  Like one of the nicest most friendly and approachable guys I've ever encountered.  He said Brad and our boy can go out with him anytime.

A mentor's heart and  hands on education.  I love that!

This lady in the coat...with the suitcase....if she's not made of money she wants everyone to think she is. 

I'm dying to know if she bought a piece.  And if so...which one.