Sep 16, 2014

Red Carpet Fashion Dreams

Brad's at the computer.  I'm on the bed...crocheting.  Zion is next to me watching an online tutorial on how to make ribbon hair barrettes.  Jemima is digging through my closet...looking for something to wear.  

Jemima:  When Dad does his big movie and we get to go to the Oscars...I know what red carpet dress I want.  I've been dreaming of it.

At this point...Brad turns from his work and almost breaks down.  Seriously...he is close to tears.  He and I have eye contact.  What a sweet thought.  What a sweet encouragement. So much hope. 

Jemima:  It's a cross between Aundrey Hepburn's in Funny Face...wait.....(she googles).....  no Sabrina!  So gorgeous!!!! 

Jemima:  And Jennifer Lawrence's.... I don't know what year...wait... (she googles.)

Me:  The one she fell in?

Jemima:  Yeah.

Me:  The white one?

Jemima:  Yeah.  So classic.  So beautiful!!!!!

Then ...for the next five minutes...Jemima and Zion go on to discuss 50's fashion.  Cinched wastes...silhouettes...skirt lengths...etc.

Zion:  Remember in Call The Midwife...that outfit she wore when she went to the bar...with the cute sweater that went to here (points to high waste)  and the pants?   The black high wasted pants.  It was the late 40's early 50's outfit.

Me/Jemima:  The cigarette pants.

Zion: Yeah.

I am not sure where all this would fall on an academic record...but it should fall in there somewhere.