Aug 19, 2014

Lifestyle of Learning in our Home

Braverijah graduated "early" and with less Math but more community college credits than Mcabe.

Mcabe graduated "earlier" than Braverijah and with some community college credits.

Galilee is graduating "late" cuz she still has stuff to work on.  So far...no community college credits.

Jemima graduated last June..."early"and without community college credits.  This morning...she went through our home library and chose 1/2 dozen History books to read this coming year and is committed to going to go through a Grammar program because she's weak in that area.
Zion...she's officially starting 6th Grade...but only because that fits in with what we want to do in regards to Sunday School at church.  She's working at a lower level in some subject areas and is way advanced in others. 

If I had to do it all over again...this home-educating thing...I'd buy less...stress less, and worry less.

Zion's 2014-2015 Syllabus :

Math / Saxon
Science / Apologia Botany
Latin & Vocab / English From The Roots Up
Grammar / Easy Grammar
Spelling / Spelling Power
Writing / Skype Class incorporating IEW & Any Child Can Write
Literature / Newbery Titles
History / Online Veritas Old Testament & Egypt
Dance / Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Spanish
Art / Misc.
Various Field Trips and Cultural Events
Service / Children's Hunger Fund
Bible / Weekly sermons / various speakers & faith events / Sunday School

Bradley and I will be attending...

..and the girls will be joining us as part of our ongoing education.   We will also be leading a Book Group in our home...Respectable Sins. 

Lifestyle of Learning ...one of the BEST things that ever happened to our family.  My anxious heart calmed.  My convictions were affirmed.  I grabbed a hold of the message and have been walking it out to the best of my ability ever since.