Sep 7, 2014

LA exploration

 Our friend, Lacy invited us down to the Cooper Design Space...to her showroom to pick out some footwear.  She said,  "Bring large totes." I took that to mean..."Bring.... a....... large tote" ...so I showed up with that orange one below....

She sent us on our way with this  ^ HUGE box of sneakers!
What an enormous surprise and a blessing beyond belief.  Generous people make my life.  I swear...there is nothing like it.  Generosity.

Jemima has been busy busy busy...working on new designs.  Her workroom was in need of fabric...so since we were only a few blocks away from where all the fantastic fabric is found...we went shopping for new fabric.  LOVE LOVE LOVE what she chose...although we have come to the realization that I am way more into patterns...especially anything tribal or ethnic looking...than she is.  

After our fabric shopping expedition we were hungry soooooo.... we headed over to ...

Grand Central Market  which is a pretty cool place.  Basically it's a food court smack in the center of downtown with lots of food options to choose from.

 And lots of interesting things to see and people to meet.   This guy...Kiki stopped me cuz he liked my poncho.  It reminded him of his tribe in New Mexico. 
10 minutes later...I passed Kiki on the street.  He was hanging with his pals drinking.  Sharing a passed around 40 oz bottle.

One thing about LA is that there are homeless people EVERYWHERE.  Literally everywhere.  I'm not sure how I'm feeling about it.  It's sorta like I am numb.  Like paralyzed. 

What the heCk?????

This is not okay.

Being numb is not okay.

It's not apathy that I am feeling.  It's different than that.  It's a numbness.

Not okay at all. 

And my word...the spiritual darkness we encounter at practically every turn.  So so so so dark.   This store literally almost made me ill.

A heightened sensitivity to things not of the Lord lately....I find myself experiencing.

And just across the street....I had no idea this beautiful building was within reach.  What a gorgeous space.  The Bradbury Building.