Nov 11, 2013

Civil War / Veteran's Day

This year we commemorated Veteran's Day by attending a Civil War Re-enactment.   I don't think the girls knew quite what to expect.  It really was like stepping back into history.

These people know their stuff and take things to a crazy serious level.   I was actually blown away by their passion & commitment.  It's inspiring.  

We were witness to The Wheat Field Fight at the Battle of Gettysburg...and to Pickett's Charge. 

Abraham Lincoln gave his famous Gettysburg Address.  2 1/2 minutes.  That's all it took.

At some point during the speech Zion wanted to know... "Does this count as "school?"   

So cute that she has no idea what counts and what doesn't count.

The girls got trapped as the CALL TO ARMS came forth in the Union Camp. 

Interesting fact...^ the guy on the right is Bruce Boxleitner...the actor.  Who knew that dressing up as a Confederate soldier is his hobby???  

These cockades reminded me of an old post of mine. 

And I absolutely love that 100's of little boys and girls were running around bearing arms