Nov 8, 2013

Big 47 / Bradley

I met my man when he was 19.  Today he turns 47.  That means I have known him 28 years.

28 years of my life have been spent with this man.

I am very pleased to be doing this thing called "LIFE" with him by my side.

Lots of misunderstandings...arguments...and tears.

Lots of laughter...shared dreams...and hard work.

Lots of ups.

Lots of downs.

Lots of loss and grief.

Lots of gain and celebration.

Lots of sacrifice.

Lots of fear, anger, and resentment.

Lots of safety, comfort, and partnership.

Lots of selfishness.

Lots of selflessness.

Lots of pride.

Lots of humility.

Lots of waiting and patience.

Lots of sin and repentance.

Lots of conflict and resolution.

Lots of baggage.

Lots of wounds.

Lots of healing.

Lots of conviction.

Lots of prayer and lots of growth.

Lots of forgiveness.

Lots of grace and lots of mercy.

Lots of hope.

Lots of joy.

Lots of drama.

Lots of calm...and quiet.

Lots and lots of love.

Phileo love.

Eros love.

And Agape love.

Lots of it.