Nov 7, 2013

Galilee Polina / Big 18

The first time ever I saw your face...little Polina.

It was cold.  There was snow.  Patches of snow.  And talk of a dog...a sobaka.  You liked the tea biscuits we bought for you...and for the others.  You got them all though.  Cuz there were not other children in the yard during our visit.   Your voice was so raspy.  You were very much afraid and talked and talked and talked.  I could tell that you were afraid.  And excited.  And you were ready.

Galilee Polina.

It hasn't been easy... traveling this road the Lord has us on together.   In fact, sometimes it's been really really really hard.   You are a fighter.  My prayer for you, Daughter.... is that you learn that being a fighter might feel safe but that it isn't always a good thing...especially if you are fighting for and against all the wrong things. 

Today I am proud of all the hard work you have put into coming closer to an authentic place of transparency.

I will never ask you to be anything but honest. 


Turning 18 makes me feel nervous cuz I'm becoming an adult.  To hear that I am entering adulthood sounds scary.  I need to make appropriate decisions and be more mature behaviorally.  I need to take more responsibility.  I'd say adulthood is a serious subject.  This will definitely be a challenge for me. I'm kinda shocked to turn 18.

-Galilee Gregg


Galilee is a highly unusual place name, Galilee being a large region in northern Israel, the home of Jesus during at least thirty years of his life, and also where he cured a blind man. The Sea of Galilee gets its name from the area. 
Gender:FOrigin of Galilee: HebrewMeaning of Galilee: "the province"
The meaning of the name Polina is Little Stone
The origin of the name Polina is Russian