Nov 15, 2013

Moments I'd Like to Remember

I would not trade our days together for any amount of whatever anyone else could offer me. 


We found a new family doctor thru a friend.  We like her very much and she takes cash paying patients!  Love the free market system.


Some days I have to deal with requests like this one....


Zion very much likes to write with the plume pen that she got at the Civil War re-enactment.  


She also likes making Stuffed Peppers and Roasted & Herbed Chick Peas.


There's a National Geographic exhibit currently housed at The Annenberg Space For Photography.  Admission is free and it's pretty wonderful.  After viewing the 1/2 hour documentary that they have playing for visitors Zion seemed very burdened.  Seeing images of suffering around the globe made her contemplate how minor her problems are in comparison.  

P.S.  And it just now occurred to me.  Zion is apparently very attached to that headband.