Nov 18, 2013

The City of Angels

Runyon Canyon 

Near the beginning of our 3 mile loop ... we witnessed something that struck us all as..... maybe..... possibly quite troublesome.  A nice looking 30ish year old guy...clean cut...well-groomed... appeared to be contemplating the thought of jumping off a cliff.  He sort of hopped...then skipped straight for the edge...then stopped abruptly.  Then he stood still and stared down.  Then appeared to move towards the edge again...miming a diving motion.....with the thought of jumping?????

Those of us who saw it...made eye contact.  This guy could very well be thinking of taking his own life.  

Brad turned back...caught up with him and asked if he was okay.

Turns out the guy has a guardian angel.  A lady angel who physically protects him from harm's way on a regular basis.  He was merely testing her out.

He was very, very very touched by Brad's compassion.  It had never occurred to him how skipping at a steady speed towards a cliff in such a whimsical yet intentional manner might look to others.  

Only in L.A.