Apr 26, 2013

Cultural Christianity

A while ago I came across a blog post on facebook that put in to words what I had been processing about the issue of the purity ring movement.

Over on facebook...I was introduced to a Christianity Today article... which put into words what I had been processing about breast feeding in church circles.

^  That one...the breastfeeding one ...partnered with living life inside a circle of relationships with  those who may not be fully like-minded in the modesty area...caused me to think deeper and again about the topic.

I came across this

led to.....

me posting a photo over on facebook...

...and asking.... appropriate or inappropriate?  Why or why not?

I've got a wide variety of friends...with varying worldviews from all walks of life.... so I was curious to see the responses.

Pretty much no surprises.

The responses caused me to think deeper.  In my ponderings.... I re-visited a few of my older blog posts.

This post on wearing bikinis.

This post dealing somewhat with breasts.

This post on our night at The Abbey.


As of today I've come to the conclusion that the above mentioned things...purity rings......breastfeeding...modesty...

and just now....right this minute....I thought of another old post of mine on....side hugs...

...& our ideas of how to deal with them are often navigated culturally...rather than Biblically.

At one time...these ^ lovely ladies would have been considered by some to be quite risque.

Especially compared to ...

...these ^ dear creatures.  And ^ they would have been quite scandalous compared to...

this awe inspiring example of societal decorum and propriety.

Wait...or is she flamboyant?

I'm so confused.


All this talk about fashion led me to thoughts about Downton Abbey...specifically to Edith who is by all predictions most likely going to turn into a floosie soon...

...what with her bobbed hair and short dresses!!!!!

Talk about attention seeking.

That led me to Jemima...who is currently donning lavender locks....

Downton Abbey and Jemima led me to our friend Thomas....who is pretty much a perfect example of appropriate modesty.

When we arrived in his backyard to find him wearing a white leather banana hammock...he discreetly excused himself to throw on the ever acceptable pair of board shorts.

I love him for that.

I will leave you with this...

Does the Bible change?

Does culture change the Bible?

Does the Bible change culture?

Is man in the business of trying to fit the Bible into life....
...or...is man in the business of living life according to the Bible?

One thing is for certain...the Lord is in the business of nudging...shoving...and dragging man out of self imposed comfort zones.

And.... Jesus is way more radical than any of us can imagine.  More conservative than the most conservative conservative and more liberal than the most liberal liberal.


What about this?  Inappropriate?

Judging from the comments over on my facebook wall...I'd say some would think so.

She doesn't though and her parents certainly don't.

And we are all three walking closely with our Lord.

So that's that.