Apr 28, 2013

Ready to Go

Remember this?

Well tonight...Bradley and I got to go out on a date!

The above allocated "Birthday" $$$ joined together with the "special purpose audition fund" allowed us an evening at the theatre.

On the playbill....Proof.

Starring James Whitmore Jr....alongside others.

Back in the day...JWjr..... a director as well.... hired Bradley.


Once for a role on 21 Jump Street.  And again for a role on The Pretender.

The time period during The Pretender gig was one of the worst time periods of our lives.  The boys were young...and we were not doing well as a couple.  Brad was in a bad way which must have been somewhat obvious to JWjr  because on set one day ...he decided to discuss with Brad...the story of a very well known older actor who had faced challenges and hadn't made the wisest decisions etc. etc. etc.  At the time, Brad wasn't really sure why he was being told what he was being told.

After Christ...after salvation...after the Lord began to open Brad's eyes...he realized that JWjr had been trying to warn him...help him...steer him out of harms way.

Years later....Bradley wrote him a letter.    Thanking him.

Upon our relocation to LA...Bradley reached out to JWjr and they planned to meet for coffee.  That meeting never took place.  People are busy.  Life is distracting.  All sorts of things came up.

Well, this past week...out of the clear blue sky...Bradley received a phone call.  From JWjr....inviting us to come see a play he was starring in...his daughter was directing...etc. etc. etc.  He mentioned that he also wanted to catch up.  My gut told me he wanted to get a look at Brad.  To check in on where he's at...how he's doing.

Things like this don't get us too excited anymore.  The Lord is in the business of throwing curve balls into every imaginable scenario...so who knows what it means if anything at all???

The night was fun.  The performances moving.  And our brief encounter with JWjr afterwards (lots of people to talk to) was sweet.

He has a straight forward no nonsense way about him.

As we left he said...."Yeah yeah...alright...you look good.  You're ready to go."


"I'll call you tomorrow."

He does direct lots of good stuff.

We'll see.

On the drivehome...we passed many homeless...but this guy's set up really stood out.

I was reminded of the "food for the homeless" $$$ that was so generously donated and thought about what I will purchase with it.

And as we drove past the Hollywood Bowl...cluttered with traffic due to an event that was letting out...I was reminded of just how much God loves us.  So much so that while we were yet lost in our sin...He sent His son, Jesus...Jeshua...Israel's long awaited Messiah...to die for us...taking our place on a Roman cross.  Then He rose victorious on the third day...conquering death and sin & bringing hope to all those who call on His name.