Apr 20, 2013


This may sound like a rambling mess...it's cuz I am processing as I am writing.

I am amazed by the way the Lord uses His church to glorify Himself and encourage one another.  If you know me...I am a big picture person.  I see the end result clearly...but not always the forest for the trees.

I am able to boldly proclaim the destination ...but need others to set the course if you will.  To mapquest the route.

I have a vision for what a home-educating co-op should be but not for scheduling the calendar.

In Christ...each of us is part of a body.  The body of Christ.

I have a sister in Christ who is very good with details.  In fact...her strength is in the details.

This morning...she dropped a bit of very important information into my lap...without even blinking an eye.  Effortlessly...she connected all the puzzle pieces scattered on the tabletop of my mind.

Rambling might get worse here......Remember I am processing as I type....

When Dan Cathay, the President of Chick-fil-A was asked his position on marriage he confirmed that he was indeed pro traditional marriage.

He was attacked for his answer.

Many in the gay community claimed they were being terrorized by organizations who defended traditional marriage.

The mayor of Boston said he did not want Chick-fil-A's in Boston.

Some in conservative circles pointed out the hypocrisy  of the mayor's position...given the fact that he made it super easy for a Muslim mosque to be built in Boston.  Knowing something about Islamic teaching in regards to homosexuals...they knew that the Koran would have gays beheaded for their lifestyle.

OhMYGOODNESS!!!!!!!  I was so distracted by the recent terrorist attacks in Boston...weeping for and praying for the victims...praying for law enforcement...praying that the terrorists would be identified ....killed or captured...that I did not connect the dots that the mayor of that Boston is this mayor of this Boston.

And now I learn that the mosque he helped build by his PC tolerance is the same mosque the two coward terrorists attended in Boston!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So the mayor of Boston who did not want Chick-fil-A's in Boston because it's President...a Christian man...held to certain religious beliefs...

....more or less (w/other elected and appointed officials) aided and abetted the Islamic terrorists who attacked his own city in a religious act.  Jihad.

Weeping.  And feeling as if I am going to vomit.


Anonymous said...

and ole mumbles menino never has to say he's sorry, or to make amends at all. sick