May 2, 2010

Christian Home

So it's a bit weird for us....this having our kids being raised in a "Christian home...." thing.

Let me explain...both Bradley and I came to faith as adults...after we were married...after having had the boys. It was one of those not saved on Monday...saved on Tuesday sort of stories that you hear about. Clear line in the sand. Pre. Post.

Our kids...all have testimonies of changed lives....of saving faith. Their stories...however..... don't really resemble ours.

The boys have heard of the Lord since our conversion when they were 6 and 4. They've been exposed to Biblical teaching since then....Awana...VBS...Sunday School...Christian camps...mission trips etc.

The older girls...from the time they came home at the ages of 4 and 3 & Zion.....since day one.

Their stories don't look anything like ours. They can all point to a time (or 2 or 3) when they accepted with a heart knowledge what they knew to be true w/a head knowledge...but it's not like what we experienced.

I have to admit...it's sorta a struggle of mine sometimes...to accept fully and rest in the fact that each and every one of them has a saving faith. Sometimes I find myself looking for the "big moments...the big evidences." Then, it's almost like I get small glimpses in whispers. Evidences which speak to a mother's heart.

Recently, I noticed the wounded look on Zion's face as the communion table elements passed her by. She was deeply wounded.

Our "not yet" hushes did not pacify her.

The next time she asked hopefully, "When can I take communion?"

"When you understand more." She was hushed again.

"I do understand. It's the bread for His body and the juice for his blood..." her voice quivered. It's to remember our sin and that He died on a cross and rose again.

That was the first time....a few months ago...that our youngest partook in The Lord's Table.

Yesterday, was that time again. I reminded her gently.....during a moment of reflection.... that it was time to consider our sin.

"I already am," she said.

"Specific sin," I nudged.

Her brown eyes looked up into my blue ones. With all her heart she nodded in agreement, "I'm dishonoring and disobedient and selfish."

I am so pleased that He is the author of our stories.


Andy and Kiara said...

It is an interesting thing to realize that, to the world, the response, "I'm dishonoring and disobedient and selfish" is terribly sad, and concerning -- especially when spoken by a child. But to believers, it is a hope-filled conversation! It is only when our children see their need for a Savior that they can truly accept Him and begin their real journey in life. Thankful alongside you for every sign of growth.