May 15, 2010

Plan B

The boys and a few of their friends are stuck safe and sound in a Beaumont hotel w/ a radiator problem. Lord willing, the issue will be resolved in the morning and they will be on their way. If not...He's got other plans.... which are not their own....and because they are His...He will be faithful to reveal what He has in store for them.

And because they are His....they will submit and obey.

And, here's the advice I give to my big boy 18 year old re: the Beaumont Breakdown/car fiasco.......

"Son, write what you know."


We were w/a pastor friend of ours when the back and forth "we need help we're on the side of the road w/hobos harrassing us and the bandaid fix didn't work so now it's getting late and we need to sleep somewhere" phone calls were coming in.

Heath's wisdom w/a chuckle....

"It's an adventure."


Braverijah's faceook staus:
Consider it pure joy, my brothers, whenever you face trials of many kinds.

What a chill night!


A long time ago I realized little god BIG PROBLEM....BIG GOD little problem. Still believe it...it's just sometimes easy to not trust that truth immediately.

Lord, thank You that the circumstances of our lives never take You by surprise. Thank You for what You allow...thank You for what You purpose.


eve said...

liiike. hahah

Misty said...

this is a great post... we all need reminders that tell us Big God- Little Problem...