May 8, 2010


Quiet. Gentle. A peek into four cultures/families.

Maybe a bit slow paced for our drive-thru culture, but not for me.

There was non erotic boob stuff...so if you are hyper sensitive or weird...stay home...... and never visit Namibia if you'll be frequenting himba huts......be a peeping Tom in a tightly compacted Japanese high rise........stumble across a nomadic Mongolian mom w/ her baby in a yurt.....or live next door to mother earth loving skinny dippers in San Francisco.

We laughed out loud numerous times. Even the kids.

The take away from Galilee..."We are all so different but I guess we're the same too."

Me: What did you think of that movie?
Zion: It wasn't a movie...it was a documentary.
Me: What did you think of that documentary?
Zion: I loved it. And.........each baby has meeeeeeanness.
Me: Which means?
Zion: Each baby is sinful.


From Jemima, "Oh, I learned a lesson! All babies are created equal."

Ending song by Sufjan Stevens.

Very cool.


Lisa Taylor said...

My sentiments exactly!!