Jan 18, 2014

Saturday People

Mr. Linblad is running for for office.  I asked him about his platform and he told me all about it.  We weren't really like minded politically speaking so I didn't sign his petition.  I gave him an A for effort though...standing out there talking to people...one on one. 

I didn't get the names of these two.  They were at the Farmer's Market collecting signatures for the ACLU.  The specific cause they were fighting for...Women's Reproductive Rights.

I told them we weren't gonna be signing their petition cuz we're a hard core Pro Life Family.

They thanked me for being so nice.

I guess they meet some not so nice pro-life people sometimes. 

Alex organizes the NoHo Arts District Farmer's market...and invited me to show some of my photography work in the future.  Hmmmmmm...........maybe.  Gonna think about that some more. 

Barbara.  We met her on our walk to CVS.  She was sitting out front with a sign.

You can never be too sure.  So many people have stories to tell...and so many of them are fairy tales.  I suppose us standing outside talking with Barbara for like 20 minutes caught the attention of the store manager...cuz he approached us when we went inside.  Paul's his name and we talked to him for like another 20 minutes.  He knows Barbara.  He confirmed her condition (leukemia) and her need for very expensive meds.  Her story is legit.  

On our way out....Brad offered some cash and I took her business card...telling her I would post her video plea for help.  I told her that I'm a Christian and that I would be praying for her healing and  for some relief for her...she told me she believes all roads lead to God.  She's a Buddhist.

We met The Bird Lady on the bike path.   She would have talked for twenty minutes about her birds but we cut her off at ten.  I did learn one thing...if you ever run into her don't ever call her birds "pets."  They are her "babies."