Jan 10, 2014


The day she found out about the Johnson's move to L.A. Zion made a COUNTDOWN Calendar.  She climbed up to the art supply cabinet ...found the markers...located a poster board and got to work.

She has had a very difficult time lately....processing loss.   Her childhood home.  Not living near her grandparents.  Proximity to friends.  Her losses are felt physically.  Her grief is palpable.   All this drama stuff only popped up a few months ago...triggered by some trauma stuff.   It's taken us all by surprise though...how deeply she feels and how articulate she is about what she's experiencing.  Emotions....lots of them.  Deep sighs...so many of them.  Discussions...they seem to be never ending.

This kid's mind would blow you away.  Even a brief glimpse into it would.  I've had the great honor of having a backstage view. 

Knowing her cousins are on their way has been one of the ways the Lord has ministered to Zion's bruised heart.  

The Lord is steady...even when the world isn't quite so.  He will finish what He started.  He is reliable.  He is trustworthy.

He reminds me of a rock...or a stone.

Just like Elijah's middle name.