Jan 27, 2014

Prayer Cards

On our way to Runyon Canyon...up in the Hollywood hills....off the beaten path....we passed by an odd sight.  A pole covered in what looked to be notes.  As we got closer...we saw that they were wishes.  Dangling in unison.  All individuals yet part of something bigger than themselves.

Our girls changed the wish cards into prayer cards.

Zion's was so sweet.  I love her.

In our limited understanding...it would be so wonderful if Bradley were blessed with some acting work right about now.

Any work that the Lord sees fit for him to do.  He's been sending out resumes like there's no tomorrow.

Prayers for work & encouragement would be greatly appreciated.  

These two wishes caught my eye.

I wonder...who it is or what it is that people offer up their wishes to?  Who or what grants wishes? And how does who or what decide on which wishes get granted or not?