Jan 14, 2014


Got a late reader?

Do not panic.  I've had two.

Both of mine were super early in other areas.   Both are art world contenders if they'd like to be.   

Mcabe's pre-school private school teacher was very concerned during a Parent Teacher Meeting that her student...our son... wasn't reading yet ...and..... 

......there was another thing.  Something that she couldn't really tell us.  She had to show us

Our 4.5 year old had drawn something in class which triggered much wondering & severe puzzlement on her part.

The pre-school teacher held up a drawing of an upside down tree.

It was amazing.  

We loved it.  

Like seriously...it was brilliant.

After we laughed at her ( I don't think to her face) we pulled him out of pre-school WHAT THE heCk WERE WE THINKING EVER PUTTING HIM IN PRE-SCHOOL IN THE FIRST PLACE???!?!?!?!)

Zion's 10 and she is just now getting her footing as far as reading the written word is concerned.  She no longer mixes up her b's and d's.  Or her p's and her 9's.  But that's recent.

I'm not lying to you when I say out of our 5 kids...she's the only one we've ever considered getting tested for a gifted program.  There's no point though...cuz we don't care about labels and cuz our home-school doesn't have any such thing that would make sense to us or anyone else and who cares?

All this to say...got a late reader?????  


*On a side note...HOME-EDUCATING PARENTS...when older siblings help younger siblings read...you can give them credit for it.  Public Schoolers get credit.  Why shouldn't we?