Sep 5, 2013


I've been asked so many times...usually by those thinking of home-education their kids...what our days look like.

Our entire life... day in and day out... all year long is open and available to be counted as "home-education."  

When we see MacBeth in the park...we count it towards Literature.  (could be counted as Theater but we don't have any thespians :)  

When we exercise w/friends and join a volleyball team and take tap/ballet/Spanish & jazz classes...we count it as P.E.

When we prepare food...we count it as Home Ec.

We don't care much about sitting at desks...the couch is way more comfy...and in our pj's is usually how you'll find us...especially before noon.

Sometimes we even sit on the floor and count suduko as Math while watching Shirley Temple films.

We don't look like "home-schoolers." 

Most of the time that is.

Dear old Jemima pointed out that I was wearing an Israeli Pride tank top and that Zion was in a housecoat and headscarf as we were heading off to run errands in Burbank.  

To each his own.  I think that's the point.

Whatever works for your family as you travel the HOMESCHOOL road.  Enjoy.  Relax.  Rest in the freedom that is yours.