Sep 11, 2013

The Psychic & I

While paying at the register at a local Thrift Store just now...

Woman:  Wow!  It's hoooooooooot.

Me:          Really?  It's actually nice out.  Nicer than yesterday even.

Woman:  No.  It's really hot.  I don't know....(pointing to her stomach)  somethings going on.

Me:         Do you feel okay?

Woman:  I'm sensing something.

Me:          Oh.

Cashier:  Do you need to sit down?  Can I get you some water?

Woman:  (ignoring him and focusing on me)  Do you have someone in your life who's betrayed you?  
                Someone you counted on...who's let you down?
Me:         (chuckling)  Yeah.... actually I have two who come to mind.

Woman:   You have three.  One leads to two and two leads to three.

Me:           I wouldn't doubt it.

Woman:  I'm a psychic.

Me:         Ahhhhhhhh  o.k.  Well, thanks for the heads up.

At this point the cashier gives me the "Welcome to Crazy Town look" and the psychic tries to hand me her card.

Me:         Thanks, but I'm not interested.

She and I made no further eye contact.  I tried but she wanted nothing to do with further eye contact.  Instead...she responded to the air.

Woman:   Yeaaaaaaahhhhhhhh....it's hot.

It's cuz you're playing with fire, Lady...I thought to myself as I made my way out.

Sometimes the Lord has me talk and talk and talk to someone...no matter how dark that person appears to be.  And sometimes He gives me a red flag that says...NOPE...not this one.

This lady came with a red flag.

As I was driving home I was reminded that the Holy Spirit is our ever present help.  And we are to heed His whispers & instruction.

This encounter with the psychic got me to thinking again about the people in my life who have "betrayed" me.

I know that I know that I know that their absence...their vacancy....their disappearance from my day to day life is Lord orchestrated for my protection...and for the protection of those around me.

No doubt in my mind.


Sarah said...

Sounds like Jude - especially verses 17-23 - have mercy with fear.