Sep 8, 2013


I love our teaching pastor.  I love the way he rightly divides the word of God...his preaching is off the charts.

I love his heart...he is a dear dear sensitive type and weeps openly about his role in past abortions.

I love his transparency...during today's sermon he reminded us of his prior to Christ meth use.  (Brad just now said to me this very minute without knowing I'm blogging about this...."I could hear it in Tim's voice...he was thinking to himself should I say this right now?   And then he just said it.")  

I love his authenticity...he's honest about his struggle with control issues.

Last year he preached a series on Ecclesiastes which was turned into a book.  If you read it...I think it will bless you.

"Porn makes polygamists, pimps, and traffickers of us all."  Pg 67

"  ...the legalist and the hedonist have much in common.  They are equally self-centered and driven by ego."  Pg 71

Here is a question I've been mulling over.

If you find yourself in a desert.  In a dry place spiritually...and you honestly believe that your spiritual well-being is the most important part of who you are...and the spiritual well-being of your family is what counts most...and that pursuing it should come first...above all other things....would you move to a place of spiritual health so that you are fed?  Would you be open to it?