Aug 28, 2013


I've been praying for the Cyrus family for years.  She's so stinkin super talented and cute.

Same for the Jonas family.  And Katy Perry's family (the Hudsons.) oh....and Justin's too.  The Biebs.

I remember sitting in my Sonoran Desert bedroom one specific evening...and feeling especially led to pray for protection & wisdom for the parents...for the kids themselves...and for the siblings in these families.

I've been around the Hollywood block enough times to know that this town brings with it a certain set of challenges and temptations.  

Growing up in the industry has given me a unique perspective.

Just like growing up in the church culture has given my kids a unique perspective.

I've watched the Miley VMA video a few times now.  The latest viewing was w/Mcabe.

He laughed out loud.  I laughed too...the first time I saw it.  And, the more I watch it...the more I laugh.  Out loud.    The performance was RIDICULOUS.  There is no way anyone should be taking this as anything but.

I seriously think Miley is attempting to make some sort of a comment.

All you people out there who think you know me...who think I'm out of control...let me show you out of control.  It looks an awful lot like what other artists are displaying btw.  And all you people out there btw...you people are buying this stuff.

You know when home-schoolers post youtube videos all decked out in dorkey attire...complete with bandaids holding their eye glasses together and denim smocks & keds...with matching field trip bright yellow umbrellas....and Winnie the Pooh baseball caps...

...or when Christians post youtube videos about our "secret language" and special cultural practices such as side-hugs or evangelistic "t" shirts & tattoos????  ....

I honestly think she's attempting something along those lines.

We do know that sex only sells if someone is buying it.  Right?

From what I understand...the Cyrus family has had a rough go of it over the past few years.  They all identified as Christians at one point...and it's my understanding that some of them still do.

I have church attending home-educating Christian friends who have children who have smoked pot like Miley (ours included)..and those whose kids who have been addicted to heroin.  I have church attending home-educating Christian friends who have children who struggle with pornography...or who are living with their girlfriends or boyfriends.  I have church attending home-educating Christian friends whose children have not lived with their boyfriend or girlfriend but have had "secret sex" prior to marriage.  I have church attending home-educating Christian friends who have kids who are pregnant... out of wedlock.

I also have Christian friends who send their kids to public schools and those who send their kids to Christian schools...who have dealt with or are currently dealing with all of the above issues.

I have Christian friends with children who struggle with homosexuality.  And eating disorders.

I have Christian friends who struggle with homosexuality and eating disorders themselves.  And pornography.  And those who have had affairs.  I have Christian friends who have divorced.  And those who have almost divorced...and only by the grace of God...have stayed together.

I have Christian friends who struggle with addictions.  Prescription pills.  Illegal drugs.  Legal drugs.  Alcohol.  Bradley and I have abused alcohol during seasons.

I have Christian friends who are tempted to worship money and career.  I have Christian friends who have made many poor choices because of these idols.

The other night...Brad and I grabbed some dinner at Zankou Chicken with Zion.  She had NO idea that the guy waiting in line as we ate was Hannah Montana's Dad.

Billy Ray.

He looked worse for the wear.  Tired.  Exhausted in fact.  And forlorn.

He and I shared eye contact.

I wanted to hug him...but I didn't.

I hugged him in my heart though.  According to his very own testimony...he is my brother.

Robin Thicke...he does what he knows.  Hopefully...one day he will know better and then he will do better.

Here's what I do know...without the Lord...we'd all be screwing up in foolish center of attention seeking ways more than we screw up with Him.