Dec 8, 2010

One of A Kind Wall Art

The "could" part CRACKS me up! Found this inspirational message in a fortune cookie recently.

So...here's how it works...

You visit my smugmug site and browse through my Abstract Gallery images. You find an image you like and then come up with some text that you like. You let me know all about the wonderful ideas floating through your mind...and we work together to create a beautiful piece of art. You approve the piece... then order it. You hang it up in your home after it arrives.

The next step is VERY IMPORTANT!!!!!

You send me a photo of your new... one-of-a-kind art piece hanging in your home :)

Each shot was snapped by me.... either in New York, Italy, Los Angeles, or Arizona. Sometimes...you'll see the same shot presented w/ variations. Simply choose what suits you best.