Dec 14, 2010

LA Jesus

I know that Santa Claus is in town. We ran into him twice. Once, at the Grove.

And again...at the corner of Beverly and Wilshire.

But what about the Lord? Where is He? Is he in Los Angeles? Can He be found there?

As I contemplated this billboard and what it means in regards to my own personal walk....
...I spotted Jesus heading South on Sunset.
He was kind enough to stop and pose for a photo.


Mrs. Spice (Holly) said...

I LOVE LA! And yes..it needs Jesus just like the rest of the world. I actually think the churches here in North carolina are more desperate for Jesus than the west coast! Here..everyone goes to church...but that is about it. They go. They don't sing, or open their Bibles...or even bring their Bibles...but they go. Hmm....