Dec 1, 2010


It's fascinating to me to observe how each of our personal histories impacts each of our personal here and nows. How they leave impressions. Imprints. How they influence us.

Because each of our stories are varied layer upon layer...our today's are filled with nuances...and variations as well.

What some practice....others do not./ What other don't practice....some do.

I grew up in a non-believing home w/ occasional church attendance. It was either an Episcopalian or Lutheran church that had us in their pews for Holy Days, or an event such as a Christening, a wedding or a funeral. When I was with my cousins...it was the Catholic church who got me...an unregenerate lost soul...dutifully taking the body & blood of Christ on bended knee directly from the priest's hands while incense wafted under stained glass.

We grew up getting chocolate crosses at Easter...big big white chocolate ones...really impressive ones w/ lots of intricate design work and adorned with delicate candy flowers. And later in the year, the Advent calendar...made it's appearance. Stark, simple ones....nothing ornate. Crafty ones. Homemade Noah's Ark sorta looking ones. The kind you find at a church bazaar handcrafted by an elderly woman w/ a Germanic accent. Advent candles were around too. They would diminish little by little as the birth of Baby Jesus came near.

I was surrounded by "religion" which showed it's face now and then. It was not anything that meant anything however. Really, it was nothing more than a cultural phenomenon and...

..it equated to a whole bunch of meaningless tradition. Romans 10:2

So ....all this to say.....all these years later....I have not had a desire to cultivate an external "advent tradition" in our home. As I ponder the nuances of my own particular history...I wonder if there is a way to do so without it feeling like the old life?

Pondering Advent today...and how to best communicate outwardly the anticipation I experience inwardly when I reflect on the King of King's humble entrance into humanity. That is...if an outward expression is even called for....for us?????

Lent. Not even on my radar screen.