Dec 16, 2010

American Girl

If you've ever stepped foot into an American Girl Doll Store...you know what I am talking about when I say, "It's like a Doll Heaven/Fantasy Land for little girls...squared x infinity" I especially like the nursery. So precious. The twins...they kill me.

This year, Zion asked for a My American Girl Doll for CHRISTmas. I never ever say "Yes" to anything like that...but always answer with an annoying "We'll see...I want a lot of things too...but you can't always get what you want."

While in LA last week...we stopped by the store to browse and see what our "maaaaaybeeeeee" options were.

Zion could not find a doll who resembled her. This one or that one either had too dark a hair color...or blue eyes... or freckles or green eyes. It was quite frustrating.

Finally we stumbled upon Julie. She is not a My American Girl Doll....but she bares the closest resemblance to Zion. The light blond hair (although it's much longer than hers)...the chocolate brown eyes...no freckles.

Zion wanted her and only her.

Wise Mommy over here was not going to purchase a doll like this two weeks before CHRISTmas. Poor Zion left the store empty handed w/a slightly broken heart and big big dreams.

Today, Bradley ordered Julie. And a pair of eye glasses. The next time we are in LA...we will have her ears pierced.

Zion has no idea.

I believe she will be thrilled.

And, since I refuse to pay the asking prices for clothes for dear Julie...I'm gonna look into downloading some FREE patterns and put loving older sister, Jemima to work. Zion is not at all into calicoes. A few yards of zebra prints, neons, stripes, and plaids...and we are set to go.


Ginger said...

oh yeah for Zion. I remember when we bought Sam her first american girl doll. her name is Felicity. We got the outfit and then my mother in law bought some from someone not sure who. Then she got Samantha! They are in a box for Sam's little girl. But emma may play with them first. They are well loved on dolls though. They will go to the hospital to be refurbished as soon as it is Emma's turn.

Lisa Taylor said...

I LOVE this!