Nov 5, 2010

One of the most bittersweet moments ever...

A few months ago Zion lost her purse. She looked high and low...in every cabinet...under couches....under beds...in closets but couldn't find it anywhere. She was very disappointed because her wallet was in there. In her wallet was all the money she had in the world...$35.

I talked with her about keeping track of things and how it probably wasn't the best idea to keep all of her money in her wallet when we go out...but only a few dollars. She was sad. I was sad for her.

This week Bradley got a call at work from someone over in lost and found. The message went something like this...

"Bradley, we have a very glitsy, very flowery purse up here and we think it might belong to one of your children because inside is a journal and inside the journal on the front page it says, "Zion loves so and so (insert boys name) and your Zion is the only Zion we know soooooooo.....come pick it up."

Brad comes home that night with the best news ever! They found Zion's purse!!!!!!!

She is overjoyed. Runs over and pours out all it's contents onto the family room floor and tears into her wallet. It's empty. The $35 is not there.

Oh my goodness...my heart broke.

"Someone stole my $35 dollars???????"

"It looks like it," I said wanting to cry.

"AT CHURCH?????????"

That's when my heart shattered.

"Honey, it was the Lord's money anyway, right? And you never know...maybe the person who took the money from your purse will think about doing that his or her whole entire life and that might be one of the very things that brings that person to repentance."

She listened and agreed through her wound...but oh my goodness...it stinks.


Raising Family said...

Ohhhh Zion I know how you feel! I left my purse at In and Out Burger and inside my purse was Neals birthday money...$200. We found the purse but the money was gone. We were so sick over it!!!

God knows exactly who took your money and Neals money. We were confident that God was going to use our money for His purposes and that EVERYTHING happened for a reason. Hold loosely to the things of this world, I am confident Zion that He will bless you for your faith.

It made me feel better knowing I have God on my side, who loves His daughter and defends His daughter.

This was a big lesson for Neal and I so I can't imagine what it feels like to a 7 year old! God must think you are pretty mature in you faith to take on a lesson like this.

There was a sweet ending to our story but I am not going tell you our ending just yet cause I want you to put your hope and trust in the Lord. I trust that His goodness will be revealed one way or another.

Hang in there sweetie, I feel your pain. I will say a prayer for you today and for the person who took your money.

familygregg said...

I just read it to her :)

Tamara said...

It's hard to face the reality of an imperfect world and imperfect people...especially when it involves church, which should be a safe haven. So sorry for Zion to have to learn this painful lesson.

Cameron started checking the mail on Saturday looking for a birthday card from his Grandparents (my Mom and Dad). He expected every phone call Tuesday to be them. Wednesday evening, I began to worry and called. They had forgotten, yes...and at the end of a listing of all their doings, I asked my mom gently if she would actually like to talk to Cameron.

Glad Zion has loving family to help her work through her disappointment.

Sean's Ladies said...

I wish there was a like button for Jeni's comment. :)

What a reminder that not everyone a church knows the Lord. And sometimes those that do, sin in selfishness or choose sin out of desperation.

sweet girl. we love you.