Nov 4, 2010


If your are UNDERAGE or sensitive to the use of the eff word...please do not click on the below post.

For clarification purposes.

We do not drop eff bombs regularly in our home. Sometimes when one of us is super super angry or frustrated....one might slip out. When one does...we repent. Not for the eff word but for the fear, pride, anger, disappointment, resentment, bitterness, or frustration which gave it a voice. For the heart issue that manifested itself by the use of the eff word in a negative, disgusting, violent, and hostile manner.

In my humble opinion, Pink's use of the eff word in the song below....is brilliantly beautiful. Filled with unconditional love, deep compassion, life altering passion, wisdom, understanding, and hope. What a juxtaposition.

She made me cry. Actually, the thought of a selfless loving father singing this very song to his wounded child is what made me cry. For those of us who are in Christ...WOW! Renewing of the mind sorta stuff.

I love when art makes me think deeper about the world/culture in which I live.

Processing things as transparently as I know how as they arise in my heart, soul, and mind.


Anonymous said...

Dawn,you are a breath of fresh air. I heard this song and cried too -- played it over and over and sent it to a friend who struggles with never measuring up. Yes, I'm a pastor's wife, and it feels good to think outside the box even if it might be offensive to some.

Much love --


Raising Family said...

I've got a bar of soap with your name on it. LOL!

Those of us who know your heart love you for this.

Love your heart!

Stephanie said...

Totally agree with you.

So why does her heart/intent in this excuse her profanity, but the same grace is not extended to the guy who wrote The Shack??? People found his work very healing, too, right? (Yes, I had to ask!)

familygregg said...

Whoa! Not even in the same league...in my opinion.

And, who's profanity? Pink's?

familygregg said...

A link to my Shack post.


familygregg said...

Susan, it's a circus.

Kaarin said...

We get it.

Pink has more talent in her pinky than most of the "artists" I hear on KLOVE, but that's irrelevant to your post. I just had to say it.

Actually, it's not totally irrelevant because it's seeing the Lord in art, even if it's not labeled "Christian" art.

Our community of believers in SF would appreciate this, and would likely chuckle at all the drama.

GG said...

This song ministers to my heart. I relate to it. It makes me rethink my footsteps in life. It makes me think about some people I know who are going through hard times as well. I feel as if God is talking to me through this song. I make wrong turns, wrong decisions, I mistreat and misunderstand in this life. I second guess and underestimate. I talk wrongly about myself. I have hatred. I try too hard to make myself look good. All this is a waste of time and I understand that. I see that God is telling me not to feel like I am nothing but that I am f'ing perfect to Him. God is telling me through this song to not worry and to change the voice in my head. He wants me to love me for who I am. I know the f word is bad language but it is used in a very good way in this song. I don't fully understand why there's such a problem with this song. This song speaks to hearts and doesn't crush them. God says I am perfect to Him
because my sin is covered by Jesus's blood.


familygregg said...

Galilee, you rock, girl!