Nov 19, 2010

Chaperoned by his older brother, our little (never mind his sudden & ridiculous height) Mcabe is currently en route to NYC...where he booked a shoot w/ Patrick Demarchelier or click here.

Word is...this gig is a very BIG deal in the fashion/modeling world. He is supposedly doing a BIG campaign w/VERY BIG models...whatever that means??????????

We are praying specifically for safe travels, physical, emotional, and spiritual protection. For open & closed doors...for wisdom and discernment...for fantastic lessons learned...for inspiration...and lots and lots and lots of FUN for our sons.

No invasive airport x-rays/pat downs or bed bugs returning home in their carry-ons would be nice too.


Not exactly sure where I land on the whole airport x-ray security issue (because I certainly do hope they x-ray and pat down troublesome people)...but that discussion's for another post altogether.