Nov 5, 2010

I am so in love with my brothers and sisters in Christ tonight. It's not like I don't love them every night...but tonight....well..... it's an over the circus top sorta love.

I just read Dawns blog entry regarding Zion's purse. Bummer, I've been there. I'm sending a check tonight and you can tell her someone from church has her covered. All she needs to do is pray for the person who took her money.
Love ya!


Raising Family said...

My heart is so encouraged! I am so blessed to have prayed for you in this. I said another prayer this morning and then I saw this post. Praising God!!!!

My heart still aches for the sin and pray that God would continue to work in this persons life who took your money. Just think...God CHOSE YOU to be an instrument in this persons life, out of all the people who sit in church, He chose you...all the while protecting you and encouraging you through this. What an honor to think of it that way huh?!

So many blessings/gifts I see in this.