Jun 30, 2010

Urgent Prayer Request


Pray that tomorrow's coffee meeting would take place and that it would be a first step.


More evidence of hope. Prayers, please.
Without prompting from others, he has checked himself in.

First time ever....in over 20 years of battling this battle.


Damon's been connected to the opportunity for help. Please pray he takes it. Still on the streets, he needs to follow through.

One thing for sure is that the Sovereign Lord of our universe is a masterful artist who is in the business of weaving intricate & timely designs.

The story of who is offering help would blow your mind. __________________________________

Begging the Lord to intervene in the healing of this heart and saving of this life.

We need wisdom.

A sense of hope would mean much right now.

Supernatural intervention.


familygregg said...

Thank you for all the private e-mails. I will make sure Damon knows how many people are praying for him next time we hear from him.