Jun 12, 2010

Here's what I know. After spending a week at VBX (eXperience)...all three of my girls need some down time. Some at home time.

Much excitement.

Much hullabaloo.

Much fuss.

Is it all much to do about nothing?

Time will tell.

I am happy that they had the "experience" though...and I do believe the Lord will work it together for good.

Zion for one is pleased that it's over because she dislikes very much getting up early every morning. She also cried last night while admitting that she's a bit more sassy this week than usual. Who wouldn't be in a class of 30 seven year olds w/ well meaning yet distracted leaders?

First hand account:

As Zion was coloring Joseph's coat of many colors exactly how she envisioned it.... a blue eyed busy body little girl next to her butted in w/

"You have to follow the directions. The paper tells you what colors to paint the coat."

Zion stared blankly at her...while continuing to use the colors of her choice.

"Stop!".....said the cute little blondie. "You are doing it WRONG!"

"There is no right or wrong here..." I reassure her while patting Zion's shoulder.

"YES! There is. And she's doing it WRONG!!!! Ask the teacher."

It took all my strength not to go further than I did....

....instead I said calmly....

"You know what? I am Zion's authority. I am her teacher and nowhere in the Bible does it say what colors to put where on Joseph's xeroxed coloring sheet coat...so I choose that she is free to choose the colors she sees fit for this craft."

I thought this sweet little angelic looking creature was going to punch me in the face. She was so ticked.


However....while sacrificing my dear daughters to the "status quo".........

............I for one.....as ashamed as I am to say....really enjoyed my alone time this week...shopping for missionaries at Target & Walmart w/nobody to look after but myself. How selfish am I???????????????


Ruffled Feathers said...

good lesson for everyone involved, mom! and good self control!

simple living said...


familygregg said...

....and then...because we are nuts...and also wanted to take an adult class all about church history...we signed them up for a second VBS.

P.S.....they survived.