Jun 21, 2010

Jason and Katie

Bradley and I had the BEST time at wedding in Bakersfield, Ca. this past week-end. What a humongous blessing, honor and joy.

Some of you might remember my Central Park Proposal photos.

We heard over and over again during the festivities...how the Lord's hand in having little ole' me there in the park.... at the very fountain.... in that precise moment.... to capture the proposal of this young couple.... was a confirmation to family & friends that He was intimately involved in their union.

What sweet Katie, dear Jason and their beloveds could not possibly have known is that.... the fact that the Lord had me in Central Park by that fountain during that precise moment...was something that He used to speak to my heart about His creative design of and sovereign purposes for me...His baby girl.

Seriously, He has a way of blowing my mind sometimes.


Kim (Katie's Sister) said...

These pictures are amazing!!! It was such a great weekend getting to meet both you and Bradley. God had such a hand in bringing you into Katie and Jason's life (and into ours as well). I can't believe the crazy connections (the Schroeder thing sort of blows my mind!)

Lisa Taylor said...


familygregg said...

Ring bearer was Holden...brother named Ricky!!!!!!!!!! How weird...to say the least.

Anonymous said...

She's hot. Are they still married?